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Submission Guidelines

Architects and designers with professional design experience in architecture, interior design, product design, etc.
Entries must be realistic case design works that have been completed or under construction in the past two years (Please provide real pictures, original floor plans, and reconstructed floor plans (at least one of the options), and each set of design works must contain at least 8 realistic pictures.
Image Formats are: jpg, tif, png

Landscape image: no less than 4200px,;

Portrait image: no less than 3000px,

Image accuracy: Resolution of 300 dpi or more, or Single Image of not less than 8M.


Submission on HDGHOME official website: Click "Register" to submit registration information.

Email Submission: E-mail:, the registration information includes the designer's personal profile, high-definition photos, real pictures of the works, floor plans and design descriptions, and the designer's contact information.

Text and Personal Data Authorization

1. Contributing authors agree to provide text, photos, portraits, trademarks and other materials, and authorize HDGHOME to review, publicize, publish, hold events, etc, with this book as established proof;

2. HDGHOME has full rights to print, publicize and display the submitted works. Contributors have no right to ask HDGHOME for any compensation, consideration, remuneration, expenses, nor are they entitled to claim any special rights or share benefits obtained from organized activity;

3. Contributors must own the intellectual property rights and copyrights of the submitted works, and there must be no intellectual property disputes. If other parties raise a copyright dispute over the submitted work, the contributor shall handle it and bear all legal responsibilities. If the organizer is involved in a dispute, all losses caused shall be borne by the contributor;

4. If the submitted work is not designed by contributor, involving plagiarism, counterfeiting, etc., and infringes any rights of a third party, HDGHOME will unconditionally disqualify submission, and has the right to take back the trophies and certificates issued;

5. Contributors agree to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law and related regulations, and have written consent for the company to collect, process and use the personal data of the contributors;

6. Authorization period: Unrestricted provision of information for publication and use; Authorization fee: free of charge.

7.The above information is allowed to be disclosed by the contributor.