“Atomy China Headquarters Dream Center” construction project won the Gold Award in the 11th China In


On September 18,2021, China Architectural Decoration Association hosted the   11th China International Space Design Competition in Shenzhen, “Atomy China Headquater Dream Center” Which is designed and constructed by Beijing Apex Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd under HDG group won the Gold Award.

The project is located in Gaoxin District of Yantai City, Shandong Province, with four floors and a total area of about 11500 square meters. The ground was broken in 2020 and completed in 2021. As the headquarters of “Atomy” China, it is expected to attract 100000 visitors every year. The vision center integrates multi-functional office buildings such as exhibition hall, member rest area and a large conference hall.

The first floor is the experience rest area, which covers the cultural experience exhibition hall, restaurant, book area and negotiation area. Combined with the needs of customers, it fully shows the corporate culture, business philosophy and unique mass boutique concept. The dream Swan sculpture seen in the exhibition hall is a symbol of Atomy's successful people. The family members who have made outstanding achievements will be awarded the dream Swan badge, which is a symbol of honor. It explains that an ordinary person will not be ordinary forever. With a dream, after going through twists and turns and ups and downs, only perseverance and strong transformation can create a beautiful life.

This is a leisure culture rest area. As a learning enterprise, the company attaches great importance to the overall improvement of the quality of staffs. In this regard, after many communications between designers and customers, the rest area will create an atmosphere of reading a book, drinking a cup of warm and fragrant coffee, opening your heart and enjoying a warm and beautiful slow time after learning.

The second floor is the staff office area, covering multi-functional working area, communication area, entertainment rest area, large conference room, etc. In order to create a healthy, pressure-free, comfortable and free working space, the design style is simple and free, so that employees can give full play to their    creativity and create the highest efficiency with a relaxed environment. In order to show freedom, no fixed station is set, instead, there is an open communication space for employees, a free communication atmosphere, and an exchange area for different numbers of people and also in this working environment, we can collide with new ideas together. In the design process, taking into consideration the needs of employees to exercise and strengthen their physique, functional leisure places such as gym are prepared, which not only reflects the care for employees' health, but also effectively improves employees' sense of belonging and happiness.

This is the dream hall, which can accommodate more than 3000 people. It is equipped with advanced LED, stage and lighting equipment, making the performer the most dazzling star on the stage through advanced equipment and high-quality broadcasting methods, it is a dream space for clearer and smoother communication with all parts of the world.

As a designer, we sincerely hope that Atomy Dream Center can realize our      dreams for more dream seekers!

Designer :Beijing Apex Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd

Construction Unit :Atomy(China)Co.,Ltd

Main Designer :JJ. Jeong

Assistant Designer:Kim yincheol/Jin Tiejun