Hyundai Genesis Showroom




  Located in the Salwa Industrial Area of Doha, Qatar, the Hyundai Genesis Showroom is a 1438㎡interior design project, designed by the Beijing HDG team. The automotive retail store introduces the high-performing high-end vehicle, not only as of a confident generation but an innovative direction from the Hyundai name. for this project, the design team created a venue that would include both a Hyundai and Genesis space, with conventional norm of dealership in the automotive industry.


  Genesis is a global luxury automotive brand designing customer experiences, focusingon senses and emotions,known toincorporating the brand’s signature scent and sound throughout its interior and exterior.The project’s interior space reflects this luxury lifestyle, combined with thoughtful hospitality, created with high-quality materials to emphasize the Genesis brand character. The store consists of different areas, including a car display area, lounge zones, customer-service areas, offices, and meeting rooms, highlighting the exclusive Genesis area with the Hyundai common spaces.

Exterior Facade

  While maintaining the traditional all-glass façade of a car dealership, the Genesis Hyundai space incorporates a sense of seclusion and intrigue through smart design. The minimalist design of the concrete and glass facade allows interaction between architecture and branding, creating a mysterious sense of purity and understated aesthetic to the contemporary and industrial structure.

Genesis showroom

  TheGenesisshowroom, straddles both raw and refined aesthetics, designed in such a way to allow customers to move freely, but also highlights the refined, reflective contours of the impeccably engineered vehicles on display.To emphasize the design and craftsmanship of the car, the models on display are placed against a neutral dark grey backdrop, lit from above by a bright ceiling, creating not just a product experience, but also an art installation.

Genesis Customer service lounge

  To create a deeper emotional connection between guests and the brand, the Genesis interiorestablishes a space of gradual discovery, enhanced by the selection of a muted palette of colors and materials, welcoming customers throughout the entire journey.To mute the distracting presence of sales activities, a quiet meeting zone in the back serves as a lounge area to chat with customers, while purchasing process is placed in a sequence of independent rooms.

Hyundai customer service lounge

  The project is designed to be attentive to visitors’ needs, while providing them with an authentic, analogue experience. To contrast the Genesis Showroom’s luxurious style, the Hyundai Space generates an easeful and cozy experience for both customers and employees, providing a quality customer service lounge, with purchasing office areas and independent office spaces. The warm combination of materials and furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere tailored to balance customer experience with the professional operation of the store.