Introducing Wabi-sabi style for Luxurious interior design


  The Wabi-Sabi styleis a Japanese aesthetic and spiritual concept that derives from simplicity and authenticity, translated as a minimalist style that advocates the beauty of craftsmanship and naturalness and appreciate their imperfection, offering an escape from the reality’s modern obsession with perfectionism. The Wabi-Sabi philosophycentres around the appreciation of natural beauty, celebrating simplicity and comfort through a modest palette of natural materials poised to age gracefully, thus creating a “rustic chic” atmosphere.

The Golden Villa by Yana Prydalna

  Yana Prydalna is a designer based in Sacramento, California, playing with the use of textures, colours and through modernist and Wabi-sabi style. The Golden Villa, a private residence located in San Francisco, is an example of the strong identity of her work, based on simplicity and nature, without compromising warmth and liveability, and characterized by its brown, gray and beige colour palette and use of noble materials.

  In the living room, the ceilings furniture and the decorative details of the space are made of wood, displaying textures, from its simple and natural appearance, revealing warmth and cosiness to fill the room. The sofa, combined with the soft and elastic cushions, gives a relaxing atmosphere and provides a sensation of lightness.

  The overall house uses light polished concrete for the wall and flooring, creating a tiling effect, thus showing the natural and original atmosphere, highlighted with ornamental display of art crafts, such as colourful ceramic painted plates, thus giving an exotic atmosphere and unique charm to the interior.

  The use of soft textiles and rattan elements also play an extraordinary role in deepening the sense of simple and calm, relaxed atmosphere. In contrast to the rough and rustic fair-faced concrete, the simple and elegant colour of the lightweight and airy textiles, along with the fragrance of plant-based material creating a sense of freshness to the interior, and connection to the deeper natural wood component of the space, which unfolds the lightness and sophistication of the interior.

The Paseo de Gracia, by The Room Studio

  The Room Studio, led by Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech, seek to carry out the challenges of merging the premises raised without losing the essence of the space, its comfort and the style of each client as the main focus. The Paseo de Gracia project, for instance, seek the combination of noble materials with careful lighting, unique objects and new technologies, to create warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  The Wabi Sabi concept was the basis for this 230 m2 apartment project, where the owner was looking for a timeless space, in which the materials evolved naturally over time, in which to feel at peace and avoid the feeling of perfection and coldness.

  Spaces are opened to expand the vision of all of them. Throughnoble materialswith neutral and calm tones such as cement, iron and wood, a dialogue between the different spaces is created, highlighted through the use of textiles and furniture. Neutral materials play withpoints of color, also become the protagonists of each room, providing unique personality.

  By expanding and opening the entrances to the 280 m2 of terrace outdoor areas, more natural light is achieved and, therefore, giving prominence to those areas that were forgotten. Green spaces are created, which give the natural note to the entire space and generate part of the organic forms of the house.