LuckHaHa at Kirin Place, the latest design project of HDG Apex



  With an intimate, simplistic and cabin-like ambience, the latest LuckHaHa store, located on the ground floor of the Kirin Place, Chaoyang district, Beijing, offers a novel destination to the commercial neighborhood and young urbanites who are living a fast-paced life. Based on the same principle as the latest LuckHaHa Kiosk located on the ground floor of the Oriental Plaza, designed by HDG Apex, the design team developed an immersive, minimalist, and contemporary space, bringing the nuances of the aroma of the coconut, with materials and textures in green tones of the brand’s identity, into a 47m2 store.


  Adhering to the brandLuckHaHa’sconcept of "pure, happy and healthy",the key point of the design is to retain the original structure, reshape the volume relationship, and use the simplest method of decoration while representing the brand’s boldness and quality. From the overall framework to detailed expression, and taking industrial style as the main theme, the design team pursued a balance of order and creativity, with a green background inspired by the brands specialty and identity, aimed to bring a pure, unadorned experience to the guests. Taking end-user experiences as the carrier and brand communication content as the core, the new interior intends to help the brand build an emotional connection with young consumers quickly while reflecting a natural, energetic and visually appealing details within the commercial space.

Design Specification

  The LuckHaHa shop facade opens onto the sidewalk of the mall, where service is provided inside, with transparent glass windows directly overlooking the hustle and bustle of everyday life.The design ofthe vertical green platform on the exterior facade help in the continuity of the visual language of the ground floor, and identification of the brand, ensuring greater prominence.

  With aspirations of becoming the most prominent space in the neighborhood, floor-to-ceiling front windows is emblematic of the space’s element to attract and gather people close by, providing a panoramic view, while also creating ventilation for the interior space. As natural light filters through from the outside and highlights the subtle colors and rich textures of the carefully selected materials, the space feels warm and welcoming.

  With a limited area of 47 m2, the site accommodates multiple functional areas, including a kitchen, a service counter, a public seating area and a storage area. Therefore, the floor plan was organized into two sectors, one for service delimited by counters and the other sector to receive the public, with a bench occupying the lateral limit of the room. The design team took advantage of the existing architectural elements, to create a unique, distinctive and exquisite space while meeting the demands of functional layout.

  The palette of colors and materials used for the store are referenced to the brand’s identity, featuring different hues of green colours, in line with the young and energetic brand image of the store. Stainless steel coverings and modern materials are combined with the colour palette, bringing a contrasting presence while exploring modern design concepts and injecting new vitality into commercial space.

  Curated shelves and podiums display advertising cups and other merchandise, illuminated to bring out texture and color, while inviting visitors to explore and purchase. Interpreting key elements of the coconut drink and local brand elements, the setting takes unlimited forms into contemporary variations while remaining relevant and recognizable.