The start of the second phase of construction of the Hyundai Motor India Office building


  This project showcases the second stage of construction of the Hyundai Motor Headquarters Building in India, following the first stage which was due to be completed in 2021. With a total construction area of 7,500 extending upon 5 floors, the project is targeted for completion by the end of 2023.

  HDG India won the interior decoration project for this development in October 2022, with a total scale worth of about 10 billion won (KRW), and is currently conducting a mock up demonstration project, upon which will construction will start in April 2023.

  HDG India will invest 4,000 Korean technical engineers to participate in the project, to implement the highest quality construction in line with Hyundai Motor's global brand status.

  India's Hyundai Motor Company is growing rapidly, currently with the second largest market share in the Indian market and has already occupied a position as the third largest market in terms of sales volume in Korea and the United States.

  With the completion of the headquarters building project, Hyundai Motor India will take a bigger leap forwardand establish itself as a firm leader in the fast-growing Indian automobile market.