RuiYueFu House project - Renovation Diary



  The RuiYueFu House project, initiated by the HDG Home Team, is a renovation project of a small duplex apartment, from a 50㎡ordinary interior turned into a magnificent 135㎡project, located in the surrounding of the North Fifth Ring Road, Beijing. HDGHOME is today opening a new sectionof recording thedifferent process of the RuiYueFu House project and sharing various stages and highlights of decoration design with its audience to experience together. From the beginning of smashing wallsto the entry of air conditioning, includingwater and electricpower installation and woodworking, gradually completingthe construction stepsto transform its interior accordingly.

Opening Ceremony

  On September 6th 2022, The HDG team organized the inauguration ceremony, celebrating the start of the RuiYueFu House project for Construction, create a clean minimalism and restrained monochrome colour palette concept, referring to the professional attributes, unique lifestyle and interests of the owners, Miss Wu and Mr. Fang. The dedication ceremony did not only commemorate the completion of design and honours the hard work of team, but also encourage the construction team, with the same goal ofprovidingeach customerwith the best quality service.


  The first step of decoration startswithsmashing the unwanted existingwalls,and keeping the load-bearing walls and beams, according to the drawing plans and planning of the circulation of the space from the design and engineering team, who remain in constant communication with the construction team with professional training and learning. At this stage, the pounded beams that needed to be rebuilt, counters and new wallsaregradually inserted, forming strong steel bars and flat beams.

Concealed wirework (hydropower)

  According to the construction standard, all strong power lines and water pipes are laid out to the ground, all grooved and fixed, as one of the most important links in the renovation, which is a hidden project in the decoration, executed by an experienced lighting engineer to complete the functionality of the entire house. All the light lines and switches have also been repeatedly communicated and confirmed with the designer, as well asthe location of the most reasonable access portandof the air outlet, ensuringthe operation effect in the future use of air conditioning.

Floor Heating and Noise cancellation

  Floor heating is today a common process, which is also a hidden project in the decoration process and but still one of the key points that cannot be ignored. In the Ruiyue House project, although with the limitation of the floor height of the house, the demand for floor heating was still met, with the panelsplaced in aposition would notaffect the aestheticsof the design.

Space transformation


  In order to help the owner, realize the free shuttle between the upper and lower spaces, the designer added a spiral staircase between the first floor and the basement floor, realizing a convenient life in a small space, while enhancing the leisure and entertainment value of the basement. In the early stage of stair construction, In the medium term, it is necessary to understand the construction steps as far in advance as possible, communicate frequently,to achieve the most accurate effect in terms of material, size, and technology.

The sun room

  The basement space was originally a gray and damp area, and the designer synthesizes the owner's interests, life experience, and life taste, to transform it into a transparent sun room, perfect for receiving guests and create a unique connection with the outdoor environment.In the early stage of construction, the inherent wall was first demolished, and the factory was contacted to make a special glass screen surface modelling, made of alight steel strcuture, and soft connections toprevent the cracking of the wall corners


  After the design plan, communication plan, selection of materials, the construction of the RuiYueFu House project is going very smoothly, up to the stage of finishing the walls recently. Simplyput, with attentive communication with our designing team, and beliefin professionalism, we can carefully understand the real needs of customers, and take care of them.

  In the next issue of the renovation diary, HDG Homewill elaborate on the finishing anddecoration process such as flooring, furniture and other furnishings.