Hyundai Auto Expo 2023


  Hyundai Motor India Ltd. was one of the key participants at the Auto Expo 2023 organised last January at the India Expo Mart, a signature event spreading over 64,000 m2 to showcases all that is best in the automotive world, in terms of products, technologies, concepts and trends. Since AI, Analytics and Robotics are increasingly playing a vital role in the field of mobility, the Hyundai Pavilion showcased its existing offerings to the 2023 theme, ‘Beyond Mobility World’, including the Alcazar and Tucson at the event, and the launch of the Hyundai IONIQ 6,IONIQ 5, andNEXO, while also highlighting its direction for future mobility.

Concept and Theme

  The theme has been interpreted across the pavilion using the pillars of Beyond Mobility. The pavilion has been designed to express and communicate intuitive features and responsibilities for clean Mobility Solution and innovations. The Hyundai platform expresses an experience vision of the future of the city life, elevating customer experience with technologies that are intelligent, advanced and future ready. The Hyundai Pavilion layout focuses on clean mobility through the different areas, including the car displays, Spotlight Studio, Kids Zone, and other workshops. To narrate the concept of Beyond Mobility with an impact, the designing team proposed an interactive showcase, around the concept of BM, Screen contents and innovation, with AR Integration, Internet Distribution, and Qr codes at every zone, leading to exciting contents and experiences, thus outlining the brand’s vision towards human expectations and technological advancement.

Nexo Terrarium

  To showcase Hyundai Nexo green fuel-cell technology, engineered to promote a greener and cleaner environment, the design team created a terrarium, connecting Nexo’s exhaust system to the inside, thus showcasing the clean and safe water emission from the car. An AR storyboard, set up in the background, also showcases various visual mood boards, from mystic green environment with pop of colourful flora, to a clear blue sky with milky clouds, or even birds and butterflies thriving in the environment, establishing the clean philosophy of the car.

IONIQ 6 Display

  Functional, sensorial, and emotional attributes of transparency are highlighted in the IONIQ 6, accentuating the sense of spaciousness and uniqueness, thus inspiring the design team with a simple yet sensuous transparent beauty. A seamless zone is therefore created for the showcase of the vehicle, with transparent wall branding with IONIQ 6. The AR Storyboard recreates the electrifying aura of the IONIQ 6 car via the AR filter, with glowing current streams wrapping around the body, thereby depicting the car is powered by electricity.

IONIQ5 Display

  Sustainability is the main focus of the IONIQ 5 brand vision, thus showcased around the different zones of the pavilion, displaying the different features and function of the car. The IONIQ 5 Fast Charging Zone, through a touch screen calibrator, showcases the charging time with multiple variations of the car. At the VL2 area, the guests are completely transported to a camping experience with a Selfie point, allowing them to experience the entire place which is powered by the Vehicle. In the background, the AR Storyboard displays the 7 wonders of India popping around the car, along with information about every element of the IONIQ 5. Another zone of the IONIQ 5 includes the Living Space, inspired by Hyundai’s commercial, where the front and rear seats are displayed, showcasing the spacious interior and comfort to the guests.

SPOT Performance

  The Spot is undoubtedly on of the key attractions at the Auto Expo Hyundai Pavilion, exposing the personification of Hyundai’s ‘Future od Mobility’ concept as well as their vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’. This zone includes a performance stage and seating area, along with a background screen to enhance and draw attendees to the zone.

India’s Futurescape

  Another key attraction at the Pavilion is the India’s Futurescape, where a futuristic version of an iconic architecture installation is displayed, with skyscrapers and archways wrapped in greens, and man and machines are in harmony. The audience visiting the Futurescape zone are also able to see the landscape transform digitally through the pre-installed tablets, welcoming them to the world of ‘smart Mobility’ powered by Hyundai.

Other areas

  Many other areas contribute to the enhanced experience of the guest, including a carbon Footprint Calculator, engaging and educating the audience on carbon emission; the ADAS Zone, an area where customers are provided with VR headsets to experience the SMART SENSE journey with Hyundai; a Kids Zone, entertaining, engaging and educating kids with sketches and projects; and the Newsroom, a live broadcasting booth with the Auto Expo stand, to speak to more audiences and channels.